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Traveling is exciting! It’s so exciting that it can be overwhelming to remember what to take with you. One thing that often gets overlooked is thinking of what you might want to have while you’re on the plane. Your carry-on luggage is important to make sure you enjoy your flight. Thinking of where you’re going is more fun than packing, so I’ve compiled a list of carry-on luggage essentials to help you out!

1.) Light Blanket.

You never know if the person in front of you will have their air vent turned towards you for the entire flight. If it is an overnight ride, then this will help you feel more comfortable, and you can get some sleep. I didn’t sleep for a second on my flight, and it was miserable! If I had a light blanket to snuggle with, then it would have been a lot better.

2.) Headphones.
The headphones on the plane are garbage, to put it simply. This item seems like a given, but they’re small and are easy to forget. Bonus points if they are noise-canceling!

3.) Neck Pillow.
This one is only necessary if you will be trying to get some sleep on the plane. Like I mentioned earlier, on my way to Italy, I got no rest, and a pillow would have been great. Although, they sometimes give you pillows on the plane, but the potential germs freaked me out too much.

4.) Book or E-reader.
A flight is a perfect opportunity to lose yourself in a story. If you don’t like fiction, then bring a magazine. For example, you could bring a book to help you get comfortable with the language spoken where you’re going!

6.) Toothbrush and Toothpaste.
Don’t leave this in your luggage if you’re going on a long flight! You will feel gross enough getting off the plane that you will want to have a fresh-feeling mouth at least.

These are the basic things that will make sure your flight is bearable. Most planes have a TV so you can watch movies or shows. With that and these items that I’ve included, your plane ride should be great. What are your flight essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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