How to Raise a Reader

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It seems like people love reading, or they don’t enjoy it at all. I have always loved reading. My brother, who was raised in the same house, hates it. Why are we so different? Is there a way to make your kids love reading? While I don’t think you could, or should, change your child’s personality, I do have some tips for raising readers!

1.) Have plenty of books available! Have books about animals, cars, people, jobs, or shapes. Owning books with a variety lets your child find their interests so that you can help them find other books they will enjoy!

2.) Read to them often. I try to read every book my daughter brings to me. Some days it may be only one, other days it’s more like 30. Reading to children not only boosts their language development, but it’s also perfect for bonding and relaxing with your child.

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3.) Encourage them to read on their own. My daughter is only a year and a half, so she can’t read, but she will sit by herself and talk, turn pages, and point at the pictures. Books occupy her longer than any toy we’ve given her so far.

4.) Have books everywhere. We keep books in the car, bedroom, living room, and I think there may even be a couple in the bathroom from when I have an audience while I’m in there. When books are always around, a child is bound to pick them up.

5.) Read in front of them. The easiest way to get your kids reading is to read yourself. Kids want to be like their parents, so modeling is the best teacher. Instead of looking at your phone or the TV, pick up a book. I’m as guilty as anyone of wasting time with screens, so I make an effort to read around my daughter at least once a day. She will almost always pick up a book herself and start reading it.

Reading is a hobby you can take almost anywhere. I even bring it to the bathtub sometimes. Encouraging your children to read is something that will never be regretted or a waste of time. If nothing else, reading to your children is an excellent memory that both of you will cherish!

Looking to build your child’s library? Here are some of my daughter’s favorite books!

What are some of your favorite books to read with your child? Let me know in the comments!

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