Christmas Present Ideas for a Toddler

Toddler Christmas ideas and what I’m getting my almost-two-year-old daughter!

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My Goals for my Toddler’s Christmas:

My daughter, Camilla, will be about 21 months old at Christmas. I don’t want to spend too much money, but I do  want her to get things that she will love.

Her interests are being outside, babies, animals, and books. I’m going to include in this article what I plan to get her, and also ideas for other toddlers around the same age!

Toddler sticking out tongue
Camilla pictured at a fall festival this past weekend.

Outdoor Toys:

Camilla LOVES being outside, like most toddlers. I live in South Georgia, and we have mild winters. The warm weather means that outdoor toys will be able to be used even around Christmas time! I want to get her things she will be able to play with for a few years, and things that will help her get rid of excess energy. Even though I don’t think toddlers ever run out of energy!

Some of my ideas are a playset, a balance bike, and a sit ‘n spin toy.

Below is the playset that I’m planning on getting her. The playset is going to be her main gift, and I think she is going to love it!

I also really love this balance bike. I want to get this for Camilla, but it might have to wait since it is also expensive.

The sit ‘n spin toy I have below looks like so much fun! Camilla likes making herself dizzy, so I think this toy will be a winner. Plus, it doesn’t cost very much!

I have also included a cheaper version of the playset and a basketball goal that I think any toddler would enjoy!

Pretend Play Toys:

Like I mentioned earlier, my daughter is interested in babies and animals. She has one baby doll, but our puppy chewed her feet up. Camilla now refers to her toes as her “booboos.” I plan to replace the doll at Christmas. Maybe this one won’t get injured!

We also buy her Schleich animals when we can,and I hope to get her a couple of those. I like Schleich animals because they are realistic and to scale. I think it makes for better play when the animals are as real as possible, though they are a little pricey, which is why we only buy them occasionally.

Creative Toys:

Camilla loves all things art (and messy.) She likes painting, coloring, and building with blocks.

Her favorite part about coloring is drawing on the floor. So, that’s where the Aqua Doodle comes in. I’m the most excited about this present. I think she’ll love it!

I also want to get some new paint. The ones we have are at Grandma’s and I don’t think she wants to give them back since Camilla has so much fun with them!

I’ve also included Magna-tiles even though Camilla is too small for them this year. I am not planning on getting her any, but I wanted to share  because I have heard nothing but great things about them. My nephew has some, and they are so much fun!


I want to start building Camilla’s library with a wider variety of books. She has a TON of books on animals, so I want to get some on different topics.

It’s important to me to get her some books that have all races, genders, abilities, and ages. I want her to have a library that offers a selection of any book she could want, and I want those books to include different cultures and people.

Stocking Stuffers:

I love filling stockings. You can put so many different things, it’s almost like a treasure hunt.  My mom used to hide things in them, so when we got them out the next year, we would find a surprise!

Here are some of my stocking stuffer ideas:

I hope I helped you come up with some ideas for Christmas presents for your toddler. I would love to hear what you’re planning on getting. Let me know in the comments!

Love Laurin

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